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our History

A # that became a movement

A # that became a movement

Race for Good was born in 2018 when its founder André Villas-Boas decided to participate in the prestigious Dakar rally. After realizing the awareness his media impact was having on such a race, he decided to take advantage of it and created #raceforgood.

This movement couldn’t have had a better beginning, such a demanding rally like Dakar was the perfect metaphor for the institutions that Race For Good supports. 

In such a rally each km is a challenge, but each km brings the possibility for the message to be spread further and further, crossing frontiers without any limits, making that Dakar even more personal for its founder André Villas-Boas.

The message of APPACDM Porto, Ace Africa and Laureus had a strong start in the Peruvian dunes, creating awareness for their noble causes, their volunteers, their users, their heroes, their richness in spirit, but as well raising attention to the difficulties that all of them go through on the day-to-day life, be it lack of funding, social exclusion, poverty and lack of means. 

What are we, and what do we want to be?

We are a social solidarity movement founded by André Villas-Boas that uses sport as a vehicle to spread messages of social and humanitarian nature.

Race for good pretends to grow as all social solidarity organizations do. We want to go further, help more people, change more lives, bring smiles to the ones that need it the most. Despite being created as a sports movement, Race For Good is not indifferent to other social and human problems that surround us, making us always willing to listen, embrace and finance new projects.